The Lincolnshire Cook Book

We are working with a wonderful company called Meze Publishing to put together The Lincolnshire Cook Book which is all about glorious, independent food and drink on our doorsteps and will be published this November. Meze Publishing are looking for a cross section of the best foodie business in the county to feature profiles and recipes from in the book….and who better than our fantastic members? With a foreword from Colin McGurran and a number of other participants already signed up, it is set to be a massive success and will inject some life back into the food scene. The Lincolnshire Cook Book  will showcase the best that the area has to offer from the thriving community of independent artisanal food lovers including restaurants, gastropubs and local producers. Essentially the book is crowdfunded, so the way it works is that everyone involved buys space in the book, then gets back a number of books to sell, make back their investment and turn a profit. The idea is that once you have sold half of your books you make your money back, and once you’ve sold all of them you double your money and have the promotion of being in a book.

A number of these regional cook books have already been produced for Sheffield, Nottingham, Derbyshire and Cambridgeshire with books for Suffolk, Newcastle and Manchester also in production. The regional books have been overwhelmingly popular with over 7,000 copies of each book being circulated in each county and sold through participants and stores like Waterstones and WHSmith. Waterstones in Nottingham sold 780 of their 1000 books in the 3 weeks before Christmas, making it their best-selling book of the period outselling the second best seller, Jamie Oliver’s latest book 3:1. Also, a number of the participating venues re-order, for instance, the Cambridgeshire Cook Book was released 17th July 2015 and by the end of the month Shelford Deli had already sold all 150 of their copies and have since ordered another 90 books. Here is a quick link to some sample pages from the Nottingham Cook Book for you to take a look at –


Chapters available are 4-8 pages in length which will include copy and images and you will receive back 100-200 books back to sell and recoup your investment. We’ve structured all inclusions in the book so that everyone participating has the opportunity to make money. Note that these are total prices as there is no VAT on books;

Basic FOUR PAGE Package – £800

  • 300 words plus a full page of pictures, and a recipe with full page picture.
  • 100 copies of the book to sell at £1,495.00 (£695 profit)

Silver SIX PAGE Package – £1,150

  • 300 words plus a full page of pictures, and 2 recipes with full page pictures.
  • 150 copies of the book to sell at £2,242.50 (£1,092.50 profit)

Gold EIGHT PAGE Package – £1,400

  • A double page picture introduction, 500 words with inset images, plus 2 full page pictures and 2 recipes with full page pictures.
  • 200 copies of the book to sell at £2,990.00 (£1,590.00 profit)

Download the Media pack here

Download the Information pack here

If you are interested in getting involved, please contact Lisa Pullen ( ASAP to ensure your inclusion.

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