Edition 22 Front Cover

Good Taste Distribution for Members

Following the changes in production of Good Taste announced in early Autumn, there have been some changes in the methods employed in distribution of Good Taste Magazine.

The adverts and listings you have invested in will still be as widely dispersed as previously via partners and members who are supporting us in this challenging economic climate.

Members are still entitled to their free copies to use as an engagement tool with customers but we are unfortunately not in the position to have them delivered directly to your business.

Some of our members and our new print partner have very kindly offered to act as distribution points.  There are several ways in which you can obtain your free copies.

By contacting the following you can have your copies ready for you to collect when you are out and about.

Consumers will be able to access their free copies by subscribing and this can be done online or by contacting us.
Lincolnshire Co-op will offer an additional in county delivery point at over 80 stores throughout the county.

Magazines will also continue to be distributed at events such as the Lincolnshire Food and Gift Fair.

Did you save money?  – An eighth of a page advert in 2016 will have an annual cost  of £259.20 compared to the previous annual rate of £452.
See the advertising information.



  1. Hello,

    Ourselves and 2 other members of family subscribe to the Good Taste Magazine and have done for a number of years. However we have not received a copy in the post as we normally do – is this still continuing as I see you still publish one?
    Yours hoping….


    • Giles

      Thank you for being in touch with us. We do indeed still publish Good Taste Magazine. Unfortunately there have been budget restraints and it is no longer possible to send out the magazine freely.

      The magazine itself is still free but we do now have to ask people to support he postage cost. The really Good News is that there will now be four issues per year with more to read. An online version is also available and all the detail you need to find a copy, have it posted or view online can be seen here.. Please contact us again if you need any further help and I hope you continue to enjoy Good Taste.


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