Edition 22 Front Cover - cropped with title

As a Select member, you’re invited to submit events, news and recipes for consideration in the four editions of Good Taste in 2016. We need your ideas and insight to ensure that Good Taste represents the best of Lincolnshire. To make this easier for you, here’s a heads up on what the themes are for the four editions so that you can plan your submissions. 

SPRING Edition (February – April)

  • New Year health: Kale, Beetroot
  • Chocolates for Valentines Day
  • Easter – Eggs, Lamb and Chocolates
  • Lincolnshire heritage including St George’s Day and Discover Lincolnshire weekend
  • Easy family recipes for rainy days
  • Mother’s Day
  • Day trips to Louth and the Wolds

SUMMER Edition (May – July)

  • Asparagus, Samphire, Strawberries
  • Lincolnshire weddings featuring local produce
  • BBQ: marinades, seafood, vegetarian
  • Heritage: herbs, wild garlic, historic recipes, food from a bygone era

AUTUMN Edition (August & October)

  • Local produce: Courgettes, Game, Pumpkins, Preserving, Apples, Bread, Sausages, French Beans
  • Recipes: Ploughman’s lunch, pheasants, venison, rabbit
  • Heritage: Homegrown ploughman’s, pickling, cheese
  • Family: Pumpkin carving, sausages
  • Activities: Gravity Fields, Sausage Festival

Winter Edition (November – January)

  • Local produce: Potatoes, Crisps, Celeriac, Pulses and Beans
  • Recipes: Cassoulet, Slow cooking
  • Heritage: Sprouts
  • Family: Christmas food traditions
  • Food gifts for Christmas and Valentines

Send your submissions to for consideration.

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